Supplier/ Vendor Assessment

Tailor-made Supplier Audits to Support Improvement

DQS supplier audits enable you to accurately assess the performance of your suppliers against specific requirements defined by you and/or management system standards applicable to your industry. The certainty of standardized corporate guidelines and transparency along the whole supply chain leads to a lasting improvement of the competitive situation of your company.

Worldwide Presence

Trust our long history of experience in management systems and our global presence to support you with the development of your organizational requirements. In a globalized market where suppliers are often located all over the globe, DQS is your partner for providing consistent and high-value supplier audits worldwide.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduced costs and improved margins by reviewing your portfolio of suppliers with us and prevent supply shortages
  • You may systematically create competition for suppliers with single source standing and improve your negotiating position
  • Quality improvement within your own organization and supply chain
  • Performance benchmarking helps to recognize if the standard you demand is met or can be met in the long run.
  • Improvement of your company’s image and client confidence. You can decisively improve your competitive situation using supplier audits, because you provide evidence of the quality required by your future customer

Assessment Process

Take the first step towards your journey of excellence by entering into a contract with us. Our executives will assess your requirements and propose a customized solution.

A deep dive onsite assessment would be conducted based on our defined assessment criteria by an industry expert. We can also tailor make the assessment criteria or use your existing framework to verify the conformance and implementation effectiveness.

A comprehensive & structured report would be shared identifying both strengths and opportunities for improvement. The report would share some of the industry best practices and give you a roadmap with actionable insights to take your system or process to the next level.

Why DQS?

DQS is one of the leading Management System Certification, Audits, Assessment & Training organization globally. 


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