Risk Assessments

Do you want to prove your sustainability activity and thus demonstrate that you are effectively uniting economic, ecological and social measures? Then the CSR Risk Assessment is the right solution for you. Ensuring compliance and fulfillment of binding commitments and managing risks in the supply chain are at the forefront. The success factors: a credible commitment to sustainability and the involvement of relevant interested parties. The CSR Risk Assessment focuses on the actual needs of your company. Using a 360 ° radar, risks are determined and the relevant aspects and requirements are filtered out of the relevant sustainability regulations. The focus is on the question: what do market want, Customers and relevant interested parties? The answers provide a customer profile that includes the status quo on the one hand and the previously selected requirements on the other hand. Their compliance will be determined and confirmed at a later date in the on-site Risk Assessments.

Your Advantage

  • More transparency through orientation to internationally recognized sustainability rules
  • Strong perception of CSR performance in the market and at the customer
  • Greater security about where your company is about sustainability.
  • Approved proof by the certificate of a renowned certifier
  • Instrument for own supplier management
  • Tested processes to efficiently serve and master market demands.

The Audit – That’s The Way It Works

A CSR Risk Assessment takes place in two steps: First, your existing or potential risks are determined in a materiality analysis, the status quo of your company is determined and the sustainability requirements relevant to you are selected. Their task now is to close existing deltas between the existing and the desired degree of maturity by means of suitable measures. In a second step, the degree of fulfillment of the selected requirements is determined in the course of an on-site assessment. If successful, you will receive as proof a certificate which, if desired, contains the degree of maturity in the form of the achieved score.

Assessment Process

Take the first step towards your journey of excellence by entering into a contract with us. Our executives will assess your requirements and propose a customized solution.

A deep dive onsite assessment would be conducted based on our defined assessment criteria by an industry expert. We can also tailor make the assessment criteria or use your existing framework to verify the conformance and implementation effectiveness.

A comprehensive & structured report would be shared identifying both strengths and opportunities for improvement. The report would share some of the industry best practices and give you a roadmap with actionable insights to take your system or process to the next level.

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