Complaint Handling

Flowchart – Complaint Management of DQS according to ISO 10002


To define the process for identifying, processing, trending, closing and reporting of corrective actions, preventive actions, customer complaints and opportunities for Improvements. This process includes: containment, root cause analysis, corrective action and implementation within the defined time frames to ensure conformance to the applicable standard is reestablished.


This procedure applies to all DQS affiliates, management, and personnel involved in the corrective/preventive action process.


CAR – Formal corrective action report used for Level 1 nonconformance
NC – General terminology regarding corrective and preventive actions Risk Levels:

Level 1 – Requires a formal Corrective action including immediate correction, a systemic root cause using a problem-solving method and corrective action that must identify the causal relationships associated with the defined NC. The verification of implementation must clearly demonstrate the actions taken are effective. The VP will summarize the Level 1’s issued and presented during the monthly management review.

Level 2 – Requires investigation to determine if correction is required. If correction is needed, it will be limited to correction with evidence the actions taken were effective to correct the issue. The VP will determine if trending is required regardless if the correction was required.